Unkudu Earring Review and Giveaway

Vegetable Dyed. Lightweight. Pretty and Earth - Friendly.


 Hand-Crafted Eco-Friendly Wooden Earrings by Unkudu – With Giveaway!


This is a sponsored post. I received a sample of these earrings from Unkudu. Lots of agencies think it’s super-important for you to understand that. I’d rather just be honest and tell you what I think of that product, so from this point on, that’s what I’ll do 🙂


When I received the request to review these earrings, I took a look at the Unkudu page on Amazon and knew I wanted a pair! They’re obviously pretty, claimed to be lightweight, and came in colors and styles that I tend to wear.


I received two pair for myself, and am excited to have a pair to give away!


About Unkudu:

Unkudu provides handcrafted jewelry with wearability in mind. They use sustainable woods and organic vegetable dyes to provide a natural alternative to the paints and chemical dyes you find in stores. Each piece is handcrafted, then double-checked for quality and safety. And it’s easy to shop with Unkudu. They’re right on Amazon, and provide loads of information with each product. No buying from MLM or party-based jewelry sellers just to get the eco-friendly and handcrafted items you want!


My earrings arrived in the most wonderful packaging! Inside the shipping box was a second box, stamped with the Unkudu logo and suitable for wrapping and giving. That box contains a small felt pouch with beautiful embroidery of the Unkudu logo. From the pouch, I pulled a beautiful finished wooden box. And inside the tiny box are the earrings, in their own little wrap for shipping. No tangling, no breakage, and a fun surprise to unwrap! I love that I can use the little box and the pouch to hold items around the house or in my purse as well.

unkudu boxunkudu giveawayunkudu earring giveaway

unkudu Earring Giveawayunkudu Giveawayunkudu earring giveaway

The Earrings:

As you can see, they’re lovely! The colors do vary slightly, but only slightly, and it makes them look unique. The are extremely lightweight, just as promised. It’s so much easier to wear them for the day when they don’t hurt my ears. And because of the natural, more subtle colors and dyes, each pair could be worn with a multitude of colors and styles.

The wood has a smooth finish, with no rough spots or splinters. There are no jagged bits of metal to snag my sweaters, even on the very bottom of the strand of beads. And no flimsy ear wires, these are sturdy and smooth.

I wore the longer pair out to dinner and some shopping on our wedding anniversary. They are so  light that much of the time I forgot I was wearing them. It was cold and snowing, so I was bundled in a sweater and a  heavy hooded cape instead of a “normal” winter coat. My earrings never once snagged on the sweater or the cape, even when I pulled the hood up to block the wind.

unkudu earrings on liberty zenearring giveaway on Liberty Zen

The Cons:

OK, this is where I would usually write about the little things that bug me, or what I really don’t like in a product. This time, there really isn’t much. Assuming you like the style, which is totally personal preference, then these are a great choice! Eco-friendly, organic natural dyes, easy to wear… that’s an A+ in my book!


And that’s why I’m offering a pair of these earrings as my first




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