Quote of the Week – Ralph Waldo Emerson – Weeds

Do All Plants Have Value?


The Virtue of Weeds

I don’t know the virtue of poison ivy, but I’ve found that nearly every other so-called “weed” in my yard has a purpose for someone. Now, when I go outside, I wonder about the tiny weeds whose names I don’t know, and what they could be used to accomplish. I wonder which I can eat, and which are poison to my body but medicine for my soul.

I’m still learning, but I love knowing I can help my family with the things in my yard. Even weeds labeled “invasive” or “noxious” can be of use to the right person. I was ridding my property of autumn olive, because it can be invasive, until I realized the berries are edible! Now I’ll leave a few so I can try them. Anyone know what poison ivy (or oak, or sumac) bring to the planet? Beyond educating us to the benefits of jewelweed, that is!

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