Farmer’s Market Meal Challenge – Week 4 – Pizza!

 Farmer's Market Pizza

About the Farmer’s Market Meal Challenge

Welcome to week three of the 2017 Farmer’s Market Meal Challenge! The challenge? Make one meal a week with the bulk of the ingredients coming from your local farmer’s market. Post your recipe, idea, or photo to whatever social media outlet you use, and tag your market or vendors. Comment here if you prefer. Eat local, know your food, support the people who feed you. Here’s the challenge kickoff post, and a great recipe to adapt for the produce in your farmer’s market!


Market Trips

No new markets this week, and my cupcake dealer vendor was out of town! Yeah, what’s up with that? Something about directing a church camp for kids. Whatever. Selfish. 🙂

I did have a great conversation with a lovely vendor who makes healing soaps, and have been inspired to make my own. I even bought all the supplies. Now I just need a clean kitchen and time. Time this week was at a bit of a premium, so I “only” made it two two farmer’s markets, and one farm market. We ate lots of food from the markets, but taking pictures and making one of them a full “market meal” proved a tragedy lol. Used all my eggs making dog food, and had to use store eggs for quiche. Piddled away my breads making sandwiches, not taking notes and making a great recipe. So, I enlisted help!


Farmer’s Market Challenge Meal – Pizza

The instructions for this week’s meal come from Betsy over at BestyLife. That thing about not having time? Yeah, I totally took the easiest route possible this week and made pizza. SO simple, and it can be made however you like it! While the recipe suggests using a canned pizza dough, I found that I preferred a refrigerated crust with slightly less “objectionable” ingredients. You could make your own, or use whatever works for you. Some pizza shops will sell you balls of dough for home use – just ask.

Farmer's Market Pizza
Farmer’s Market Pizza

I didn’t use a sauce, just sliced tomatoes, sprinkled with salt and pepper, and made that my bottom layer. When you add fresh herbs, a little garlic, and a drizzle of olive oil, those fresh tomatoes almost taste like sauce – I don’t like fresh tomatoes, so I love this trick! I topped my pizza with zucchini, sweet peppers, garlic, and onions that I had sauteed a little, then added fresh oregano and basil before I grated on cheese made from raw milk. I’ve listed some other substitutions below.


Farmer’s Market Pizza Recipe

Click here to get the full recipe and other ideas from BetsyLife.


Adapt It!

Crust – Use any you prefer. If my regular baking vendor had been around, I might have asked if she could do a pizza dough. I could have picked up a flatbread or focaccia. I could have made my own, or used a frozen pizza crust. It’s all up to you!

Sauce – Olive oil and a sprinkle of garlic. Open a jar of alfredo, or make your own. Use homemade spaghetti sauce, fresh tomatoes, seasoned ricotta cheese, or whatever else floats your boat. Chimichurri sauce, pesto, and even a little salad dressing brushed over the crust can also make for a nice addition!

Toppings – Anything, almost literally. Greens like spinach, chard, or orach can be put directly on the pizza. Meats like sausage or chicken strips should be fully cooked first. I prefer to saute harder veggies before adding them to the pizza – things like zucchini, carrot, crookneck squash, sweet potatoes, or cauliflower. For me, it seems to help eliminate some of the liquid produce, resulting in a less-soggy pizza!

Farmer's Market Salad Pizza

Cheese – Like everything else, use what tastes good to you! Crumbled goat cheese, fresh mozzarella, shredded cheddar – match the cheese to the flavors on your pizza. I promise, you’ll still have pizza if you don’t use stringy white provolone. But if that’s what you like, use it.

Big Changes – Make a breakfast pizza – top your crust with scrambled eggs, cheese, and any meats you like. Make a “salad pizza” – bake your crust and cheese, then add fresh veggies and greens that have been tossed with a simple dressing. Make a “taco pizza” – use taco sauce or chimichurri, then add seasoned beef (or whatever), shredded greens, diced tomatoes, black olives, or whatever you put on your tacos.


2017 Farmer's Market Meal Challenge

Tell the World!

Making your farmer’s market meal is just the first part of the challenge. Let you friends know on social media so they can join the fun!

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Farmer's Market Pizza




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