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Collaborate with Liberty Zen with a guest post, linked back to your own site for added publicity of course. Submitted posts must be approved by our editorial staff, and must adhere to the basic principles of our website. We do not ask that your website necessarily adhere to the same, but will not approve links back to sites we find offensive or truly at odds with what we do.

Our focus is to bring information about natural medicine, home remedies, and “natural products” to the public. We do so in an environment of respect, kindness, and as much laughter as we can find. We also work to keep the freedom to make our own health choices, and write from the perspective that all people should be free to choose how to best maintain their health and that of their families.

Articles on love, empowerment, grace, gratitude, and the people who embody those qualities are also welcomed.

Submitted recipes for our “Create” blog should contain mostly whole food ingredients where possible. We’re not picky about some refined flour or sugar from time to time. We start to get itchy somewhere around canned creamed soup and “whipped topping”. We don’t love artificial sweeteners, but understand their importance to some folks, so those substitutions are welcome. Some products are fine, others aren’t, and we’ll be happy to work with you if a recipe can be modified slightly to meet our requirements!

Email if you’re interested!

Product Reviews

Liberty Zen grew out of product reviews. Katie Short, reviewing under the name “Liberty Zen”, is a highly-ranked Amazon reviewer. As Liberty Zen, she focused on natural products, home remedies, homesteading, and kitchen supplies. In October of 2016, Amazon changed their review policies to disallow the exchange of free products for an honest review.

Liberty Zen transitioned here in November of 2016. Our focus is still the same, and the platform has allowed for some expansion.

If you are interested in having the “famous” Liberty Zen review your product, please e-mail

Want to Link or Use My Work?

Please feel free to do so, with appropriate credit. That means, if you use my photos, please link them back to the article where you found them! My work is protected by copyright, but some photos were acquired by other legal means. If it doesn’t have a LibertyZen logo or watermark, please e-mail me first. Some graphics and photos are available in the public domain, while others were purchased through a licensing agreement. I’ll help keep you out of hot water if you ask which are which! New to blogging and not sure how to link a photo? Please feel free to ask!

To use an article or recipe, in whole or in part, beyond a short quote, please e-mail first. I’m usually more than happy to allow you to re-publish, but doing so without permission will not be tolerated. Of course, direct sharing via social media is not only allowed, but encouraged!

Guest Posts and Ghost Posts by Liberty Zen

Believe it or not, we do more than just herby stuff! As a “content mill” writer, Katie has written extensively on a variety of topics. Ten years as a personal income tax advisor give her insight on budget and personal finance. Parenting and it’s trials and triumphs, freedom, and some spiritual and religious musings have earned her a following as well. If you have a topic and need a writer, let us know!

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