Azure Standard Update – A Little Victory

Azure Standard Organic Wins Small Victory!


Briefly, Azure Standard is an organic farm that had been threatened with poisoning via Round-Up by the local government. Sherman County wanted to get rid of weeds, and believed the best way to do so would be to spray the entire farm. Last night, May 17th, there was a public hearing before a schedule court date of May 22. For more info on the origins of this case, please the original Azure Standard article here.

Last night at the hearing, Azure won! OK, it’s just a hearing, so “won” might be a little premature, but some level heads prevailed. The county has agreed to work with the farm on ways to stem the growth of weeds organically. For now, Azure will be permitted to continue organic farming and weed control, under the close eye of government overseers. Meetings are scheduled with Azure executives and county government to form a plan for the farm.

This does not mean Azure Standard is now free to do business as they please, growing organic food and selling it to those who desire such products. It does not mean force was removed, or that the government isn’t overstepping. They’re still going to tell Azure how things have to be done. The name of this site begins with “liberty”, so please don’t think we missed that little fact. This author is just glad for the small step, towards allowing some property rights to kind of stand. A little.

I want to take a minute to thank each of my readers who took time to send an e-mail or make a phone call. Those who stood up to make things a little more just. I hope you keep going, keep choosing liberty along with your organic veggies and grains! You are awesome!

Below is the brief video release from David Stelzer, CEO of Azure Standard. Please consider his work when you vote. Please consider your own land, or the dream of ownership, when you cast your ballot each time. Continue the fight for property rights, and the ability to grow food in the way best suited for your family or business.



Azure Organic Farm Public Meeting Outcome from Azure Standard on Vimeo.

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