5 Herbal Bath Blends

5 Herbal Bath Recipes



It’s easy and frugal to make your own herbal bath blends! If you like bath bombs and salts, try an herbal tea soak instead! As a bonus, there are no ingredients you don’t want, everything is natural, and you don’t have to clean little bits of plant matter out of your tub.


About the Blends

Each blend is created to be made for an individual bath, or in quantity. For one bath, use a tablespoon of herb for each “part”. You’ll have about a quarter cup of finished blend to use for your bath. To make these blends in larger quantity, use measuring cups, a random food container (clean), or gallon jugs. Just keep the ratios the same, and use about a quarter cup of plant material in your bath.

These are created for use with dried herbs. This is preferred for steeping in a bath. If you have fresh herbs to use for a specific purpose, consider a tea or poultice, depending on your needs. Since you’re going to be using these plants on your body, they should be of high quality. The same quality as what you would put in your body.



The easiest way to use these blends is with a square of double-layer cheesecloth. Bundle the plants in the cloth, leaving room for water to circulate through. Secure with a string or rubber band. Since some of you have asked for other ideas, that link will be posted here soon! (And here you go! 5 Household Items to Use for Making an Herbal Bath)

Fasten the bundle of herbs underneath your tub faucet, then turn the water as hot as it will go, but at a medium-low stream. Fill the tub one-quarter full. Turn the water off, and drop the herb bundle into the tub. Let the herbs steep for five to ten minutes. Fill the tub to its usual capacity, being sure to check the temperature! Allow the herbs to continue steeping, releasing more of their essences while you bathe!

Don’t soak for more than half an hour unless directed by an herbalist or other practitioner who is familiar with your needs. Do enjoy while you can!


5 Quick Herb Bath Recipes

In handy sharable graphics!


Jangled Nerves Herb Bath



Deep Sleep Herbal Bath Blend



Bright Energy Herb Bath Recipe




Feeling Icky? Try an Herbal Bath!



Skin Health Herbal Bath

Of course, herbal baths are more powerful when taken in the Prefects’ Bathroom on the fifth floor.

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